Thursday, December 24, 2009

Decorating at Granna and Papaw's

We enjoyed a fun time of decorating at Papaw and Granna's house. Ellie was so excited to see all of Granna's ornaments, and it was fun to hear the stories behind some of them. Josiah was his very busy little self and tried to get into everything, of course! We also enjoyed roasting marshmallows in the fire place and having smores! So glad they waited for us to "help" with the decorations! :)

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Photo Shoot - Mommy and Daddy!

I was so excited that Emily took some great pictures of Chris and myself. I think they turned out great and I'm so excited to have them!

Photo Shoot - Elliana Joy

Ellie had a lot of fun for the camera, although she didn't stay still very long!! I think these pictures really capture her fun personality.

Photo Shoot - Josiah

Sweet Josiah was such a little ham for the pictures! He loved Emily and the camera!

Photo Shoot - Family

Here are our 2009 Pictures.... I was very pleased with how they turned out! Our photographer, Emily, was so great! Check her out at The Preservation Ventures - she does great work! Enjoy!

Christmas in our Home!

Here are some images from our Christmas season so far... candy making for the neighbors, decorating for Christmas, Christmas books... Love, love, love this season!

Tinker Toy Fun!

Ellie and Josiah love Tinker Toys. They amaze us by what they are able to build and do with them.

Gingerbread House Party

Elliana's cousin, Hannah, (and her mommy, Leanna!) hosted a Gingerbread House Party and we had a great time. Here are some pictures from the fun event...

Decorating Cookies with Friends

We had a great time at our friends' house for a cookie decorating party. Here are a few pictures...

Decorating Cookies at MiMi's House

We had a fun morning decorating cookies and trying to "help" with Mimi's Christmas tree. Later, we found Josiah eating the sprinkles off the table... then both kids joined in. Ellie was very excited about Mimi's "contivity" (nativity) scene. Christmas is such a fun time of the year!


We were thrilled that we had SNOW a few weeks ago!!! It didn't last long, but was beautiful while it was here. The kids absolutely loved it... the the "big kids" did too! :)

L- L- Leaf

The leaf unit was also so much fun! We enjoyed learning about the letter L, reading about leaves, going on "leaf hunts", pressing leaves, leaf runnings, tracing leaves, making a crushed leaf picture... so many fun things to do with leaves. Of course, Josiah was close by in the pack-n-play or high chair listening in on things. This week, however, he managed to get out of his pack-n-play. What a sad, sad day!! :) Things will be much more exciting now that I can't put him in there. Ellie loved our leaf unit and we're excited about the next one already.