Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Missions Conference

Our church had a Missions Conference in October and we were thrilled to be apart of all the excitement! We are so blessed to be members of a wonderful church!

We started off the fun by having a picnic at church on Wednesday for lunch!!

Ellie talking with one of the visiting missionaries about some of the native items found on their ministy display.

Helping to make Chocolate Burfi for the International Dinner on Saturday night. As part of our school, we participated in "My Passport to India" and learned about India for several weeks. We decided to make two Indian recipes for the dinner.

The Chocolate Burfi was yummy, but the other curry-type dish wasn't exactly the best! :) After spending about $20 on the spices we needed, Chris and I decided that we aren't big fans of Indian cuisine! Although I think I might make the Burfi again sometime.

The kids at the dinner enjoyed singing "specials" for some of the people that we still hanging around towards the end of the dinner!

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